We have evolved! Claridocs is now maildock.io.

There's a better way to manage shipments.

Turn your inbox into a powerful TMS

We help exporters, importers, and freight forwarders to transform their inbox into a powerful supply chain management tool that has real-time tracking, documentation storage, shipment progress, and team collaboration.

Maildock works from your email inbox

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Easily work with your colleagues, partners and customers so you can scale your operations.
It's all about eliminating inefficiencies, allowing you to focus on what matters most.


Install Maildock plugin from Gmail/Outlook marketplace and create account


Tracking will be available right away from the sidebar for all the shipments that are in transit


Automate workflows, share data with your colleagues and get notified at key checkpoints

Making information accessible
for your teams.


Onboarding in a matter of minutes, not weeks, not months.
‍Easily plug in new team members to your shared workspace at anytime.

Overview for Logistics Teams

Organize, centralize and simply work smarter. We integrate natively with Microsoft and Google breaking the tradition of isolated logistics software.

We provide granular insights into document management, knowing who's viewed, approved and commented on documents. We save costs and effort on amends of original documents.

Speed up document compliance, avoid demurrage and detention costs, and gain time for payment.

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Insights for Sales Teams

Structure your orders and obtain detailed information on each containers status. Decrease customer touch-points while making customers happier.

We provide real-time analytics of your deals and financials to keep you informed of your business at all times.

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Analytics for Finance Teams

Insights and analytics on payments of invoices and identify risks in advance.

Leverage your data and gain valuable insights on customer analytics.

Maildock is focused on saving resources by eliminating manual tasks, and avoiding costly errors and delays. CFOs are thrilled!


Why Maildock Matters

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Centralize your documents

We will place all your email attachments to your Drive/OneDrive so that you and your entire team can easily access them.

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Save time

Speed up your workflow by giving your documents a deadline for validation. Maildock will be sending push notifications to your customers or stakeholders that need to approve or ask for amends on the documents.

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Gain time for payment

By speeding up the entire validation process of your documents, you gain time when it comes to payment. This is especially crucial for those short transit shipments.

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Cloud backup

Give granular access to the documents so your team, customers and other stakeholders can view files. They'll be able to validate and comment directly on files.

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We're on a mission to stop the international trade industry from sharing shipping documents via email since they contain valuable information. Hackers have been targeting the industry for too long.

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